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or glass blowing  (glăs′blō′ĭng)
The art or process of shaping an object from molten glass by blowing air into it through a tube.

glass′blow′er, glass blower n.


(ˈglæsˌbloʊ ɪŋ)

the art or process of forming or shaping a mass of molten or heat-softened glass into ware by blowing air into it through a tube.
glass′blow`er, n.


[ˈglɑːsˌbləʊɪŋ] Nsoplado m de vidrio
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By combining modern digital technologies and advanced double-walled glassblowing handcraft, Norlan has created a hybrid-designed glass that not only brings together the best qualities of the archetypal tumbler and snifter, but improves upon the essential scent delivery.
We can design and print components with variable thicknesses and complex inner features -- unlike glassblowing, where the inner features reflect the outer shape," study author Neri Oxman, an associate professor at the MIT Media Lab, explained in a recent news release.
Bay has been fascinated by glassblowing since he was about 12, when he would watch a glassblower work in his booth near other souvenir stores in the Ports O'Call marketplace in San Pedro.
For the non-artistic feeling the urge to create, there will be workshops and taster sessions in glassblowing, enamel work and stone portrait carving.
The large planned makerspace -- complete with artist studios, apartments and possibly an auto shop, woodshop, glassblowing space and more -- would be open to all to use for a fee under the name the WorcShop, pronounced "workshop.
Caneworking, an intricate glassblowing technique, is the method behind Dynasty Gallery's Glass Spira Rainbow collection, which includes a vase, bowl and paperweight.
This all added another dimension to the technique of glassblowing, which was described in the exhibition materials as an act of working that, "although short in itself, reflects both technical understanding and muscle memory.
The slow pace of business in a seldom-visited town as well as a lack of government protection for handicrafts has meant a steady decline in business for the last vestige of Lebanon's once-thriving glassblowing industry.
It also offers fully illustrated step-by-step guides to the crafting of artefacts and artworks, including Kufic calligraphy, plaster carving, Mughal and Persian miniature painting, parquetry, ceramics, mosaic and glassblowing.
There are plenty of one-off courses available at this time of year based on traditional crafts such as wreath-making and glassblowing, as well as fun activities like making festive decorations.
Sean, a native of Philadelphia, started glassblowing in high school and, in 2007, spotted Armelle across the Pilchuck dining room.
I created my own surrealist masterpiece at Painting with a Twist on the Central Avenue bar strip downtown and tried glassblowing at the Morean Arts Centre.