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adj. glass·i·er, glass·i·est
1. Characteristic of or resembling glass.
2. Lifeless; expressionless: "the face changing to a demon's face with a fixed glassy grin" (Katherine Anne Porter).

glass′i·ly adv.
glass′i·ness n.
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He stared glassily for a moment, but gave a slight convulsive start when he discerned that she was neither new, Parisian, nor theatrical.
A good technician can get nails looking glassily smooth as if they had a coating of clear varnish.
There has been a scary sense that racing's major bodies have become mysteriously peopled with Stepford wives, dutifully spouting the modernising mantra and smiling glassily at those of us who opposed it.
Smiling glassily, I'd take a bite of a gallbladder-like thing, then a huge bite of bread, then a humongous swallow of wine.
This isn't just because the distribution of the coloured elements in the white is partially reminiscent of notation but also on account of the rhythm which is inscribed in the pieces through the arrangement of the coloured elements; the alternation between exhilaration and solemnity, between powerful individual strokes and a joyously bubbling Allegro, between an elegiac melody and a glassily clear staccato hammered from vessel to vessel.