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A nearly transparent, resilient glazed paper resistant to the passage of air and grease.


(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) a glazed translucent paper used for book jackets



a strong, thin, glazed semitransparent paper, often made into small bags, used for packaging.
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Primarily, release liners are made from glassine or super calendered kraft paper.
The contract has as its object the supply of silicone products to be used for the coating of a silicone film on glassine paper type for the manufacture of permanent paper labels.
Based on Grade, the market is segregated into Solid Bleached Sulphate Board, White Lined Chipboard, Coated Unbleached Kraft Board, Folding Boxboard, Glassine & Greaseproof and Label Paper.
Paper Packaging & Paperboard Packaging Market by Grade (SBS, CUK, FBB, WLC, Glassine & Greaseproof, Label Paper), Application (Food, Beverage, Healthcare, Personal & Home Care), & by Type (Corrugated Box, Boxboard, Flexible Paper) - Trends & Forecast to 2020
The LML materials include pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and either glassine or PET liners for handling and diecutting.
The label faces are recyclable with plastic packaging, and the paper glassine liners are recyclable through UPM Raflatac's RafCycle program.
It is not, for example, uncommon for losses to occur due to the use of newspaper and other packing materials that react with the artwork instead of much safer options, such as glassine paper.
Small amounts of powder drugs could be bubble-wrapped and vacuum-sealed inside a Post Office-supplied box or even just enclosed in a glassine pouch wrapped in a piece of paper in a normal envelope.
This coating, according to Potts, is designed to provide uniform anchorage to challenging super-calendered kraft (SCK)/clay-coated papers, as well as traditional substrates such as glassine and SCK paper, while also being easy to use and resistant to rub-off.
Fischer showed up and pulled a glassine bag that appeared to have 30 grams of cocaine in it from his pants pocket.
Porcelain paper or Khatai, paper Brady, paper Baghdadi (Qlqshndy, am Alashy, Volume II: 476), silk paper (mayel Heravi, words: 70), Heart deer Glassine, parchment (Salby, facetiae: 261), parsley paper (Ibn Nadrim, Isaac, Fihrist: 36), Amoli Paper, Paper Pharaoh, Samarkand paper, Khonji paper (like Heravi, noble, book layout, vocabulary), Damascus paper, Dolatabadi papers and Adilshahi Dolatshahi (High Effendi, virtues Honarvaran: 11) Farangi paper.
Philip Seymour Hoffman Death Update: 70 Glassine Bags of Heroin Found in NYC Apartment with Charred Spoon Beside Dead Body