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Adj.1.glassless - not furnished with glass; "windows were unglazed to admit as much light and air as possible"
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Even in the glassless upper windows was an expression of peace and contentment, due to the light within.
In those that remained, there was scarcely any glass; and, through the crumbling frames by which the bad air seemed always to come in, and never to go out, I saw, through other glassless windows, into other houses in a similar condition, and looked giddily down into a wretched yard, which was the common dust-heap of the mansion.
Here and there a small escutcheon, peeping from a glassless window, marked the night's lodging of knight or baron.
An amazing lunch of chicken wings and steamed rice wrapped in a banana leaf was being cooked for us in one of the bamboo houses which was raised up on stilts with a glassless window overlooking the valley.
The plan is also notably open and set in nature, with large glassless windows, rainfall showers and various outdoor jacuzzis/plunge pools.
Samsung is also preparing to showcase its glassless 3D OLED panel and its ultra-HD liquid crystal display.
09-inch glassless 3D OLED panel aimed at the immersive multimedia experience and VR products.
Offshoot 'rooms' have glassless windows, original stone fireplaces and even an old tree growing in the corner (inside what would have once been a house.
Expression of interest for appointment of a vendor for supply of 3d monitor glasses free or glassless along with system i.
The unique Softpac packaging technology creates a "safer, glassless environment and the user-friendly Optivac system provide the best in modern cementing techniques for Cobalt as well as other cement technologies," company officials said in a release.
The Softpac packaging technology creates a safer, glassless environment and the user friendly Optivac system provides the best in modern cementing techniques for Cobalt as well as other cement technologies.
Did the additional chief secretary, or his food inspectors, never see during the raids the thousands of screen-less and glassless shops on open roads and streets with skinned carcasses of goats and cows hanging from hooks with flies buzzing on them and collecting dust from passing traffic.