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a. The manufacture of glassware or glass.
b. The cutting and fitting of glass panes; glaziery.
2. See glassware.
3. glassworks(used with a sing. verb) An establishment where glass is manufactured. Also called glasshouse.


1. (Ceramics) the production of glassware
2. (Ceramics) the fitting of glass
3. (Ceramics) articles of glass
ˈglass-ˌworker n


(ˈglæsˌwɜrk, ˈglɑs-)

1. the manufacture of glass and glassware.
2. articles of glass collectively; glassware.
3. the fitting of glass; glazing.
glass′work`er, n.
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Noun1.glasswork - an article of tableware made of glassglasswork - an article of tableware made of glass
crystal - glassware made of quartz
cut glass - glass decorated by cutting or grinding facets
glass - glassware collectively; "She collected old glass"
tableware - articles for use at the table (dishes and silverware and glassware)
Venetian glass - fine glassware made near Venice
glass - a brittle transparent solid with irregular atomic structure
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YUMI: I collect small glasswork items and (miniature) cars.
COLOURFUL CRAFT: Ruth Lyne with some of her glasswork on display until the end of the month at The Stop House, Braunston.
Created by Clare Satow, Bruce Tuckey, Lucy Broadhead and Jenny Burns, the double-size bed features woodwork, embroidery, glasswork and printed fabrics and will be featured in the Flotilla exhibition at the Gateshead Visitors' Centre from tomorrow.
The event, at Ian Ramsey School, Stockton, will include more than 20 craft stallholders featuring textiles, jewellery, knitting, woodcrafts, paintings, glasswork, henna painting and wrought iron bird feeders.
And the exhibition disregarded the art-craft duality to include Josiah McElheny's virtuoso installation of conceptual glasswork.
Artists currently on exhibit are Roxie Munro, illustrator, painter and a prolific cover artist for The New Yorker magazine, Michael Davis, stained glass artist and glassblower, whose glasswork is sold regularly at Tiffany & Co.
Simple drawings and a long bibliography for the Zintlis Collection are accompanied by a selective but substantial text on the stone items, pottery (distinguished by four periods from Bronze Age to Medieval), terracottas, metal objects, jewellery, glasswork and lamps.
The market offers a range of handmade gifts including ceramics, candles, glasswork, jewellery and Christmas decorations.
30 and is a juried show featuring woodworking/woodturning, glasswork, ceramics, pottery, fiber art and more.
During a two-year MA course, students learn traditional crafts such as ceramics, glasswork, woodcarving, painting and textiles
Recently, she won a gold award in the UK Skills Live Decorative Glasswork Competition against strong contenders from other UK colleges.
Miss Montgomery, of Oswestry, says she decided to study architectural glass after her mother took her to Coventry Cathedral and she was inspired by the contemporary glasswork.