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Noun1.glassworker - someone who cuts flat glass to sizeglassworker - someone who cuts flat glass to size
artisan, journeyman, artificer, craftsman - a skilled worker who practices some trade or handicraft
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Naeem, a resident of Kasur, was a glassworker and had come to Lahore for buying glass from the local market.
Determination and evaluation of free silica in the respirable zone of glassworker with X-Ray Diffraction Method.
With a record eight ABA senior titles, a Commonwealth Games gold and a host of Multi Nations golds, the St Helens glassworker captained the British boxing team at two Olympic Games - but he couldn't quite bring home a medal to make his collection complete.
Caption: A stained glass window created by Jewish artist Marc Chagall with glassworker Charles Mard in 1974 depicts the Virgin and Child in Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral in France.
The auction, now in its fifth year, has raised more than pounds 75,000 to date and will feature work by Birmingham figurative artist Stephen Earl Rogers, jeweller Lisa Juen, Worcestershire photographer Nic Gaunt, Henley-in-Arden-based illustrator Julie de Bastion and Warwickshire glassworker Ruth Spaak.
A local glassworker, Rafi Ahmad, said that voters in the city expected a leader who would strengthen law and order.
The topics include raw materials and manufacturing processes of neolithic pottery from Switzerland, Egyptian blue in Greek painting between 2500 and 50 BC, a possibly foreign glassworker at Amarna, the microanalysis of glass by laser induced plasma spectroscopy, lead isotopes and Archaeology, and industrial waste from the medieval sugar refinery at the Tawah en-Sukkar in Jordan.
Shawn Chang, a 31-yearold glassworker, from Oldbury, said: 'I'm definitely more likely to buy products when I know the health benefits of them.
If you had told this former Pilkington's glassworker a decade ago that his life would have changed so much - losing his wife, a fateful trip to Thailand for his 50th birthday, a meeting with a Thai woman he has since married and the loss of daughter in that faraway country where he had taken her for a holiday - he would never have believed it.
The glassworker performed effectively with a two-hook straight bomb rig covering swims at 13 and 17 metres, so that he could catapult loose maggots.
Joe, a retired glassworker, rarely bothers with the match scene but went along to the lake and drew peg 88 on the 'sunshine' section, where he worked with a bread feeder and worm to catch bream to 2lb.
BEFORE a glassworker from St Helens pulled on a pair of boxing gloves for the first time -- the record for ABA title triumphs stood at an astonishing six successes, set almost a century earlier by the little known James Steers.