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adj. glib·ber, glib·best
1. Performed with a natural, offhand ease: was fascinated by his unfailingly glib conversation.
2. Given to or characterized by fluency of speech or writing that often suggests insincerity, superficiality, or a lack of concern: criticized him for being glib about something so serious.

[Possibly of Low German origin; see ghel- in Indo-European roots.]

glib′ly adv.
glib′ness n.
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Noun1.glibness - a kind of fluent easy superficiality; "the glibness of a high-pressure salesman"
shallowness, superficiality - lack of depth of knowledge or thought or feeling


[ˈglɪbnɪs] N [of person] → labia f, falta f de sinceridad; [of explanation, excuse] → facilidad f


n (of person)Zungenfertigkeit f; (of reply, excuse, lie)Leichtzüngigkeit f; a remark of such glibnesseine so leichtzüngige Bemerkung
References in classic literature ?
I got separated"--began the youth with considerable glibness.
He was in the prime of life, but very bald--had been in the army and the coal trade--wore very stiff collars and prodigiously long wristbands--seldom laughed, but talked with remarkable glibness, and was never known to lose his temper under the most aggravating circumstances of prison existence.
There's a patent case coming up before the Supreme Court--" He gave the name of the inventor, and went on furnishing details with all Lawrence Lefferts's practised glibness, while she listened attentively, saying at intervals: "Yes, I see.
Keck, the editor of the "Trumpet," in asserting that Ladislaw, if the truth were known, was not only a Polish emissary but crack-brained, which accounted for the preternatural quickness and glibness of his speech when he got on to a platform--as he did whenever he had an opportunity, speaking with a facility which cast reflections on solid Englishmen generally.
But thy glibness of reply, comrade,'' rejoined he, speaking to Athelstane, ``will not win the freedom of the Lady Rowena.
My dear Falk," I said, beginning to lie with a glibness and effrontery that amazed me even at the time--"confidence for confidence.
Tulliver several stories about "Swing" and incendiarism, and asked his advice about feeding pigs in so thoroughly secular and judicious a manner, with so much polished glibness of tongue, that the miller thought, here was the very thing he wanted for Tom.
The film is flawed in a number of ways, veering into melodrama at times to elicit emotional response and too often opting for glibness rather than striving for real insights.
Yilmaz's persona drives most of pic's humor, but if helmer Omer Faruk Sorak's f/x were cheesy or perfunctory, Arif's pencil-mustachioed glibness would have had nothing to play off.
He's got the well-lubed glibness and near-pathological responsibility avoidance we've come to expect from our chief executive down disconcertingly well, and whenever Stanton loses control, Travolta is truly frightening.
The play's scene-setting is fairly tiresome, and some of the jokes (the Freudian slip of "black guy" instead of "black eye") betray a glibness belonging more to the dramatist than to his creations.
But the appearance has aides worried since the mayor is not particularly known for his glibness, and reading directly from text is never easy - even for polished performers.