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A sulfonylurea drug, C21H27N5O4S, used to treat type 2 diabetes.

[gli-, pref. for drugs used to control hyperglycemia (variant of gly-; see glyburide) + alteration of py(ra)z(ine) + (am)ide.]
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Noun1.glipizide - an oral antidiabetic drug (trade name Glucotrol) that stimulates the release of insulin from the pancreas
antidiabetic, antidiabetic drug - a drug used to treat diabetes mellitus


n glipizida
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There has been some breakthrough in the management and treatment of this diabetes such as the use of glimepiride, acarbose, alogliptin, canagliflozin, glipizide, glimepiride, empagliflozin, dapagliflozin, colesevelam and sometimes a combination of medication.
Although insulin is the diabetes therapy most often associated with hypoglycemia--and the study participants were not using insulin--other diabetes medications, such as sulfonylureas (glimepiride [Amaryl[R]], glipizide [Glucotrol[R]], and glyburide [DiaBeta[R]] are examples), can cause low blood sugar, as well.
Six drugs are included in this subclass: chlorpropamide, glimepiride (Amaryl), glipizide (Glucotrol), glyburide, tolazamide (Tolinase), and tolbutamide.
30,32) In older adults, shorter-acting SUs, such as glipizide, are preferred over longer-acting agents, such as glyburide, which have considerably greater risk for hypoglycemia.
The hypoglycemia was the result of her taking 1,000 mg of metformin qd and 10 mg of glipizide XL bid.
Summary: A rapid, specific and a rather simple HPLCmethod for Glipizide (GLP) determination was designed and authenticated practically.
Beginning in the 1990s, investigators began to compare the efficacy of monotherapy with combination therapy, first with metformin and glyburide alone or together, and then testing metformin in combination with glipizide, rosiglitazone, and sitagliptin, he said.
Pharmaceutical company Mylan NV (NASDAQ:MYL) (TASE:MYL) said on Monday that it has launched the Glipizide Extended-release Tablets, 5 mg and 10 mg in the US market.
And glibenclamide, gliquidone, glipizide and glimepiride are the common drugs in the class of sulfonylurea.
DIABETES MEDICATIONS DRUG CLASS MEDICATION NAMES ACTION(S) (1) Biguanides Metformin --Decreases glucose production by the liver (2) GLP-1 Exenatide, --Increases Insulin secretion receptor Liraglutide --Decreases glucagon secretion * --Increases feeling of fullness (3) DPP-IV Sitagliptin, --Increases Insulin secretion inhibitors Saxagliptin, --Decreases glucagon Linagliptin, secretion Alogliptin (4) SGLT-2 Canagliflozin, --Causes glucose excretion inhibitors Dapagliflozin in urine (5) Sulfonylureas Glyburide, --Increases insulin secretion Glipizide, Glimepiride (6) Insulin Aspart, --Lowers glucose Lispro, Glulisine * Glucagon is secreted by the pancreas when blood sugar is low.
Keywords: Diabetes Oral antidiabetic drugs Glimepiride Gliclazide Glipizide Glibenclamide.
The second generation sulfonylureas are more potent and include glimepiride, glipizide and glyburide.