global village

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global village

The world considered as a single community in which telecommunications link the inhabitants together.

global village

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the whole world considered as being closely connected by modern telecommunications and as being interdependent economically, socially, and politically
[C20: coined by Marshall McLuhan]

glob′al vil′lage

the world, esp. considered as the home of all nations and peoples living interdependently.
globální vesnice
svetová dedina
evren köy


(gləub) noun
1. (usually with the) the Earth. I've travelled to all parts of the globe.
2. a ball with a map of the Earth on it.
3. an object shaped like a globe. The chemicals were crushed in a large metal globe.
ˈglobal adjective
affecting the whole world. War is now a global problem.
global village noun
the world thought of as a small place, because modern communication allow fast and efficient contact even to its remote parts.
ˈglobally adverb
globular (ˈglobjulə) adjective
shaped like a globe.
ˈglobe-trotter noun
a person who goes sight-seeing all over the world.
ˈglobe-trotting noun
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