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 (glŏm′ə-ro͞ol′, glŏm′yə-)
1. Botany A dense compact cluster of flowers.
2. Anatomy A glomerulus.

[New Latin glomerulus; see glomerulus.]

glo·mer′u·late (glō-mĕr′yə-lĭt) adj.


1. (Botany) a cymose inflorescence in the form of a ball-like cluster of flowers
2. (Botany) a ball-like cluster of spores
[C18: from New Latin glomerulus]
glomerulate adj


(ˈglɒm əˌrul)

a cyme condensed into a headlike cluster.
[1785–95; < New Latin glomerulus glomerulus]
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Noun1.glomerule - a compacted or sessile cyme
cyme - more or less flat-topped cluster of flowers in which the central or terminal flower opens first
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Proteins with lower molecular weights such as [beta]-2 microglobulin, and lysosome easily pass through glomerule, but due to sufficient tubular reabsorption, these proteins are also found in very small amounts in urine [27,28].
The first type is characterized by very strong apical dominance; only the erect primary axis bears flowers (with only a few axillary glomerule inflorescences in the subterminal part).
It is considered to be a more sensitive variable in evaluating glomerular filtration rate because it has a constant production rate, it is filtrated freely from the glomerules and it is not affected by the body muscle mass in contrast to creatinine (25).