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 (glô′sē, glŏs′ē)
adj. gloss·i·er, gloss·i·est
1. Having a smooth, shiny, lustrous surface: glossy satin.
2. Superficially and often speciously attractive; showy: glossy trendsetters.
n. pl. gloss·ies
1. A photographic print on smooth, shiny paper.
2. Chiefly British A popular magazine printed on smooth-coated stock.

gloss′i·ly adv.
gloss′i·ness n.


[ˈglɒsiz] npl (British) (= magazines) → magazines mpl de luxegloss paint npeinture f brillante, peinture f laquée
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From 1 January 2015 onwards the editorial and marketing and sales teams of the four glossies will be located in the SBS building.
The researchers found healthy populations of glossies in two remnants of the snake's former range.
These impressive gains come at a time when weightier glossies such as G2 and Playboy consider themselves lucky not to lose circulation, and when ever more celebrity skimmers, such as Life & Style Weekly and Celebrity Living, keep appearing on the racks.