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 (glô′sə-lā′lē-ə, glŏs′ə-)
1. Fabricated and nonmeaningful speech, especially such speech associated with a trance state or certain schizophrenic syndromes.

[New Latin : Greek glōssa, tongue + Greek lalein, to babble.]


1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) another term for gift of tongues
2. (Psychology) psychol babbling in a nonexistent language
[C19: New Latin, from glosso- + Greek lalein to speak, babble]


(ˌglɒs əˈleɪ li ə, ˌglɔ sə-)

incomprehensible speech sometimes occurring in a hypnotic trance or in an episode of religious ecstasy. Compare speaking in tongues.


an ecstatic, usually unintelligible speech uttered in the worship services of any of several sects stressing emotionality and religious fervor. Also called speaking in tongues. — glossolalist, n.
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Speaking in tongues, taken as a sign in some Christian churches of inspiration by the Holy Spirit. Also called the gift of tongues.
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Noun1.glossolalia - repetitive nonmeaningful speech (especially that associated with a trance state or religious fervor)
pathology - any deviation from a healthy or normal condition
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Neurologists and other researchers from Europe and the US discuss Ganser syndrome; Cotard syndrome; Capgras syndrome and other delusional misidentification syndromes; De Clerambault syndrome, Othello syndrome, Folie C deux, and variants; Couvade syndrome; possessions; conversion, factitious disorder, and malingering; Munchausen syndrome; camptocormia; glossolalia and aphasia; violent behavior; culture-specific hyperstartle-plus syndromes; the dancing manias or mass psychogenic illness; and the Alice-in-Wonderland syndrome.
Distal extremity hypoalgesia was not observed, and all patients had no severe central nervous system symptoms, such as lags in response, seizures, confusion, difficulty in swallowing, glossolalia, deafness, narrow field of vision, strabismus, or photophobia, which were similar with Minamata disease.
They not only share common musical and liturgical xenolalia, but also glossolalia when they sing and speak in tongues.
Come daybreak, you are drawn and wan, changed, the way Oklahoma's red dust must have stained the hand-spun hems of dresses worn by the stalk-thin women you weigh yourself against, reckoning nightly in your attic glossolalia a faith that compels you to seek more rousing fires, first through grace then by sore travails.
Church members can often be found engaging in glossolalia (speaking in tongues) and even in performing theatrical pieces outside the clinic.
Nine Lies People Believe About Speaking in Tongues" is written for people who are looking for answers to their questions about glossolalia and charismata, and for anyone seeking a new level of intimacy with God through a personal union with the Holy Spirit, in what the Apostle Paul presented to the Corinthian church as "a more excellent way,"
Escrituras que nao transigem com a ordem tranquilizadora do sentido unico e optam por radicalizar uma operacao dessacralizadora da lingua por meio da qual os autores inscrevem seu proprio idioleto, sua propria glossolalia, seu proprio jargao.
Seymour, the multiethnic Azusa Street congregation witnessed the beginning of what was to become a widespread religious experience; Latinos, among others, enthusiastically embraced expressions of a piety characterized by emotion, divine healing, and glossolalia.
Concerning Pentecostal churches, I define them as independent churches which promote a personalised relationship with God, also evidenced through by the reception of spiritual gifts such as prophecy, healing, and glossolalia (cf.
30) Her decisions as editor of the Provincial Freeman and her rhetorical and discursive maneuvers in her political essays and letters employ rhetorical structures grounded in a "simultaneity of discourse," glossolalia, and heteroglossia, which Mae G.
In Old Testament terms, this could involve dancing, trances, ecstatic speech like glossolalia, or even cutting behaviors like the Baal prophets would later exhibit on Mt.
Along the way, she treats familiar questions in pneumatology with ecumenical import, such as the filioque, the role of the Spirit in soteriology, and glossolalia and other charismatic gifts.