glove leather

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glove′ leath`er

a soft, smooth, pliable, stretchable leather.
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Noun1.glove leather - leather suitable for making glovesglove leather - leather suitable for making gloves  
leather - an animal skin made smooth and flexible by removing the hair and then tanning
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Total quantity or scope: The estimated decrease over the entire course duration (4 years) of the Framework Agreement; glove SAR helicopter crew 600 pieces, glove finger moisturizing 27 300 pieces, binnenhandschoene backed color 4500 pcs, glove be / me KMar 2800 pieces, glove leather / meta-aramid gr / gr 29 000 pieces, glove leather / meta-aramid black 800 pieces, glove leather / meta-aramid desert 6200 pcs, glove biting and cut protection 800 pieces, shoot cold weather glove 500 pieces, 400 pieces tactical glove, glove sf m.
Rawlings has come up with the solution with this ever so cool briefcase made from (you guessed it), glove leather.
To meet the challenge a three-layer design was developed: golf glove leather comfort and flexibility, double stitched micro-fiber for abrasion/puncture resistance and grid-pattern silicone for superior
B Makowsky glove leather drawstring shopper, pounds 133.
Unique pieces are created out of dyed raffia and handworked crochet with select items in glove leather and soft suede.
The placement of red swirls--both on and off his body--bespeak dual scarring, body and soul alike, one clearly twinned with the other, as felt in color continuum running, unbroken, between flesh, glove leather and backdrop.