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 (glo͞o′tē-əs, glo͞o-tē′-)
n. pl. glu·te·i (glo͞o′tē-ī′, glo͞o-tē′ī′)
Any of the three large muscles of each buttock, especially the gluteus maximus, that extend, abduct, and rotate the thigh.

[New Latin glūteus, from Greek gloutos, buttock.]

glu′te·al adj.


(ˈglu ti əl, gluˈti əl)

pertaining to the buttock muscles or the buttocks.
[1795–1805; glute (us) + -al1]


Relating to the buttocks.
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Adj.1.gluteal - of or relating to or near the gluteus muscles


[glʊˈtiːəl] ADJglúteo


adjGesäß-; gluteal musclesGesäßmuskeln pl


a. glúteo-a, rel. a las nalgas;
___ foldpliegue ___;
___ reflexreflejo ___.


adj glúteo
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Rob Kearney is also poised to return at full-back having completely recovered from the mild gluteal strain that caused him to be left out of Sunday's win over Italy.
Full-back Rob Kearney is expected to be fit to face France on Sunday week - but has not beaten his gluteal strain quickly enough for the Italy clash.
The devices covered by the suspended CE certificate are implants for:silicone implants for plastic surgery: implants: breast implants, pectoral implants, gluteal implants, calf implants, implants for hand surgery, tissue expanders, facial implants, nostril retainers, suspension sheets for breast surgery,bariatric surgery: gastric bands and balloons,implants for urology: testicular implants, penile implants, vesical conformers, periurethal constrictors, tubes for hypospadias, vaginal stents,silicone implants for general surgery: blocks and sheets,silicone invasive devices: sizers for silicone implants.
Europe and Japan Orthopedic Soft Tissue Surgical Procedures Market (Rotator Cuff Repair, Vaginal Prolapse, Lateral Epicondylitis, Achilles Tendinosis Repair, Gluteal Tendon/Trochanteric Bursitis Repair and Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction): Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 - 2020 " the U.
Declan Fitzpatrick has a contusion to his gluteal muscle.
Goblet Squat MUSCLES targeted: gluteal (bum), quadriceps, hamstrings and rectus abdominus (stomach) .
Examining the usual balance of these groups, it is most typical for hip flexors and trunk extensors to be tight and anterior abdominal wall and gluteal muscles to be weak.
A 48-year-old woman receiving hemodialysis via arterial-venous fistula presented with right gluteal region pain and fever.
The sciatic nerve enters the gluteal region via the 'sciatic foramen' (lesser or greater?
The majority of the weight is distributed to the core muscles of the hips and waist and rests on the top of the gluteal muscles, padded with a cushion of air.