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(ˈglu tiz) Informal.
the muscles of the buttocks.
[1980–85; glute shortening of gluteus + -s3]
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Works on: the back, stomach, hamstrings and glutes.
For example, a ballet dancer may tighten her glutes to tuck her sacrum under and turn her legs out.
Your back should be straight and all weight should be placed on your glutes, thighs and heels.
YMCAs offer core-conditioning classes that work the upper back, abdominals, and glutes.
You'll tone the back, glutes, legs, shoulders and abdominals.
2 TONE up the underlying muscles with lunges, which will target your glutes.
Step 2: Exhale and squeeze your glutes and thighs, slowly pushing up through your heels.
Remember to stretch your legs and glutes when finished.
Because this move is done in a squat position, you will be working the legs and glutes also.
Women who do step consistently have great legs and glutes,'' says Kaehler, who uses step routines in her new workout video, ``Kathy Kaehler Basics: Workout Class.
You will work your shoulders, back, glutes, legs and especially the lower abdominals.
Check out the six-packs and glutes on tonight's ``Great Performances.