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 (glī′kăn′, -kən)
Any of a group of sugar molecules that are freestanding as oligosaccharides or polysaccharides or are combined in conjugates, as in glycoproteins.

gly′cal (-kəl) adj.


(Chemistry) another name for a polysaccharide
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I have shown that the best serum neutralization activity induced via stabilized hiv envelope protein immunization predominantly targets a strain-specific glycan hole, Similar to many early responses observed in infection before broad neutralising activity develops.
The new, highly sensitive Luminex Multiplex Glycan Array enables the kind of volume needed to establish associations between antibody levels in our blood to these complex sugars, or glycans, and conditions from cancer to autoimmune disease and dementia, according to the new research.
8] analyzed the glycan profile of urinary protein and showed that the expression of IgA1 was elevated in IgAN patients with galactose deficiency and that urinary Gd-IgA1 levels were associated with proteinuria.
The new version is about five times faster than the last version and allows for more accurate glycan identification with the updated algorithms.
Glycan microarray analysis showed that A/New York/108/2016 bound preferentially to [alpha]-2,3 avian-like receptors but also showed binding to the [alpha]-2,6 glycan with internal sialoside (LSTb, glycan #60), as well as to glycans with mixed [alpha]-2,3/[alpha]-2,6 receptors (Figure 1).
Under the co-marketing agreement, Waters will combine its existing Glycoworks RapiFluor-MS (RFMS) N-Glycan Kits with an Andrew pipetting robot that will allow laboratories to meet the demands on them for glycan profiling, while improving the accuracy and precision of LC and LC-MS results.
Now, in what may be the first step toward the creation of an effective vaccine against the recalcitrant virus, a team of researchers from the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, has developed a new technique to analyze the glycan shield on HIV's protective outer glycoprotein layer.
The manuscript explains the capabilities of Siamab's glycan array to enable the screening and development of highly specific antibodies, and illustrates how Siamab's internally generated anti-STn mAb selectively binds to STn, but not to related structures.
6) Due to its nature, the biosynthesis of glycoproteins can give rise to the formation of a plethora of compounds that have in common identical protein chains, but differ in structure of the glycan chains and/or in occupancy of the glycosylation sites.
In 2015, LabCorp developed a spectral deconvolution algorithm to qualify additional signals derived from lipoprotein particle analyses originating from the A-acetyl methyl group protons of mobile glycan residues (2).
YOUR genes and lifestyle can affect the glycan patterns in your body and, not surprisingly, the lifestyle factors linked to glycan ageing include smoking, obesity, lack of exercise, poor diet, raised cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and chronic stress.
Treatments targeting glycan sugar groups have been developed for other types of the illness, such as breast cancer.