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 (glī′kăn′, -kən)
Any of a group of sugar molecules that are freestanding as oligosaccharides or polysaccharides or are combined in conjugates, as in glycoproteins.

gly′cal (-kəl) adj.


(Chemistry) another name for a polysaccharide
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8226; It consists of O-glycan release reagent and glycan purification/labeling beads.
Paradigm also acquired pre- clinical data, nasal formulation and other data from the previous developer Glycan BioSciences LLC, allowing Paradigm to fast-track its treatment for AR into clinical trials in early 2016.
The primary use of the integrated system is the analysis of complex protein and glycan samples including their sequence determination ( sequencing ).
They are also limited in their ability to detect and analyze minor glycan species.
The middle part of the book covers the use of MALDI-MS for a suite of analytic applications, including protein chemistry and proteomics, imaging, genomics/genetics, glycan and glycoconjugate analysis, lipid analysis, polymer characterization, and environmental tracing.
The researchers had been working with a specific glycan (type of sugar) that binds to a key B-cell receptor, called CD22, involved in suppressing B-cell activation and apoptosis.
Yet commercializing these novel therapeutic agents is hampered by industry's inability to obtain large quantities of milk glycan structures.
This collaboration will enhance our international expertise with regards to the glycan analysis and engineering of biopharmaceuticals produced in plant and microalgae cells,' said Prof Patrice Lerouge, director of the Glyco-MEV laboratory.
The virus' ability to attach to glycan receptors found on human respiratory-tract cells is key to infecting humans.
This structure/function relationship had not been previously observed, and could be of great help to glycan researchers, such as those trying to distinguish cancerous cells from healthy ones, or bacterial cells from human ones.
Glycan modifications of proteins are primarily Asn linked (N-linked glycans) or Ser or Thr linked (O-linked glycans).
YSL's cream raises glycan levels, tricking skin into behaving like younger skin.