glycemic index

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gly·ce·mic index

A numerical index given to a carbohydrate-rich food that is based on the average increase in blood glucose levels occurring after the food is eaten.

[From glycemia, presence of glucose in the blood : glyc(o)- + -em(ia) + -ic.]
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Scientific research is divided in terms of the usefulness of the glycemic index as a parameter for choosing foods that lead to weight loss.
From the participants' detailed food consumption records, investigators calculated each woman's average glycemic index.
Pressure-cooked white rice was 30 percent lower on the glycemic index than any other type of cooked rice -- that's good.
Indeed, he told SCIENCE NEWS, "the last thing I'd worry about is glycemic index.
Fiber intake and dietary glycemic index exerted statistically independent effects on hsCRP, she said.
At the Summit, scientists reviewed the latest research on glycemic index (a measure of carbohydrate quality), glycemic load (a measure that combines carbohydrate quality and quantity in real-world portion sizes), and overall issues of glycemic response (how the body's management of blood sugar is affected by both food and lifestyle, over time).
The glycemic index is a measure of how much a food raises blood glucose levels compared with the same amount of glucose or white bread.
Glycemic index, one method of evaluating carbohydrates, is a measure of how a particular carbohydrate food affects blood sugar levels and it was developed to help people with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels.
He found that foods with a high glycemic index distended brachial arteries for several hours.
Gadot Biochemical Industries has debuted NRGylose, a slow-digesting sweetener with a low glycemic index.
But for patients asking about the glycemic index, it helps to be able to offer the latest information on the value of eating foods with a low index.
The study sought to gain a better understanding of the role of potatoes and the glycemic index in weight loss, largely because some have questioned the inclusion of potatoes in a weight loss regimen due to the vegetable's designation as a high glycemic index (HGI) food.