glyceryl ester

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Noun1.glyceryl ester - an ester of glycerol
butyrin - any of three glycerides of butyric acid
ester - formed by reaction between an acid and an alcohol with elimination of water
acylglycerol, glyceride - an ester of glycerol and fatty acids that occurs naturally as fats and fatty oils; "fresh fats contain glycerides of fatty acids and very little free acid"
glycerin jelly - a mixture of glycerin and gelatin that is used in histology for mounting specimens
glycerite, glycerole - a medicine made by mixing a substance in glycerin
glycerogel, glycerogelatin - a medicated skin preparation made from glycerin and glycerinated gelatin
palmitin - an ester of glycerol and palmitic acid
stearin - an ester of glycerol and stearic acid
glycerol trimargarate, margarin - a glyceryl ester of margaric acid
olein, triolein - a naturally occurring glyceride of oleic acid that is found in fats and oils
glycerol tripalmitate, tripalmitin - a triglyceride of palmitic acid
glycerol tristearate, tristearin - a triglyceride of stearic acid
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It consists of a blend of glyceryl esters and is highly effective in anhydrous, non-polar systems creating products ranging from flowable gels to hard sticks.
Sakamoto Kogyo, manufacturer of Diglycerin and glyceryl esters.
Global 4075 is a light color, low odor liquid consisting of a blend of glyceryl esters.