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A metabolic process that occurs in nearly all living cells in which glucose is converted in a series of steps to pyruvic acid and during which energy is released in the form of ATP.

gly′co·lyt′ic adj.


(Biochemistry) biochem relating to glycolysis
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Using these measurements, glycolytic Proton Efflux Rate (PER) is easily calculated as an accurate measurement of glycolysis rates in real time.
On the basis of the metabolism capacity of skeletal muscle, muscle fibers are characterized as oxidative (type I, red muscle) or glycolytic (type II, white muscle) and this is closely related to myoglobin concentration [10].
23) Moreover, lactic acidosis along with exercise may be associated with fatigue in traditional oxidative fibers (type I) but recruitment of glycolytic fibers.
Metabolically, iPSC-CMs had a higher expression of glycolytic genes while iCMs had a higher expression of genes involved in fatty acid oxidation, the primary means of energy production in adult hearts.
Previous research has indicated that the high-intensity activities in boxing implied a strong participation of the glycolytic system to supply the energy during the three minutes of each round (11).
The glyco benzaldehyde works by changing the bio-electrical interaction capacity of the glycolytic pathway.
6, 7) have demonstrated that the CSCs of glioma and breast cancer are dependent on oxidative phosphorylation for energy metabolism; while its differentiated progeny has shown a more glycolytic phenotype.
Fast twitch, glycolytic fibers are more susceptible to muscle damage and thus, easier to quantify the effects of recovery treatments such as CWI; however, some researchers have documented muscle damage in slow-oxidative muscle fibers following marathon and half-marathon races (Linjen et al.
The ACU integrated into the CLARIOstar[R] reader facilitates measurement of cellular oxygenation at a controlled [O2], while phosphorescent extracellular O2 (MitoXpress[R] Xtra) and fluorescent extracellular pH (pH-Xtra[TM]) probes provided in the kit enable multi-parametric detection of electron transport chain activity and glycolytic flux.
Erythrocytes have membrane associated glycolytic enzyme complexes and utilize glucose by glycolysis2-4 which continues in the collected blood samples.
Biomedical and basic fundamental researches into glycolytic enzymes, metabolism, prebiotic oligosaccharides, plant and microbial cell walls have highlighted the importance of glycobiology to the commercially important businesses of biotechnology and medicine.
Cytoplasm and glycolytic enzymes of the bacterial cells are expected to be the common targets of zinc.