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The complete set of carbohydrates that are metabolized by an organism.
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Salicinium is a glycome (sugar) conjugated (attached) to benzaldehyde which is toxic to the glycolytic pathway upon entry into any fermenting cell.
Advances in analysing the human proteome and the proteome-adaptation in cell programming, show the need for the study of the dynamic aspects of the glycome and the glycoproteome to gain insight in the actual biological functioning of glycoproteins.
The glycome represents the totality of posttranslational modifications of secreted proteins by enzymatic glycosylation.
The S-Layer Glycome, Adding to the Sugar Coat of Bacteria.
Five examples include mental disorders, protein folding, and glycome determinants.
Most changes in embryo microenvironment are not reflected on its morphology; therefore, it is time to change the assessment procedures and open the door for sub-cellular level of data integration methods such as genome, proteome, transcriptome, glycome and metabolome.
New technologies for glycomic analysis: toward a systematic understanding of the glycome.
She briefly introduces the field of glycobiology, then looks at the background to the informatics, databases, glycome informatics, potential research projects, sequence analysis methods, machine learning methods, and glycomics technologies.
In the last 20 years, however, we have acquired "new microscopes": technologies that examine not the morphology of the tissue but other characteristics such as the genome (point mutations, copy number variation), the epigenome (methylome), the transcriptome, the proteome, the glycome, or the metabolome.
Analysis of the human cancer glycome identifies a novel group of tumor-associated W-acetylglucosamine glycan antigens.
Consider the following: the nagalase coating (which is actually alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase) is an enzyme containing the glycome N-galactosaminidase.