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The addition of saccharides to proteins or lipids to form a glycoprotein or glycolipid.

[glycose, a monosaccharide (variant of glucose) + -yl + -ation.]

gly·co′sy·late′ v.


(Biochemistry) the process by which sugars are chemically attached to proteins to form glycoproteins
[from glycosyl radical derived from glycose + -ation]
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However, successes in increasing protein titer have often impacted protein quality, as evidenced by changes to glycosylation patterns.
Enhancing our understanding of the structure-function relationship of glycosylation in CRC could lead to the discovery of improved diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers and pave the way for nov-el therapeutic targets.
In addition, although the HE proteins of human influenza C and C/OK viruses contain 7 and 6 potential glycosylation sites, respectively, D/bovine/ France/2986/2012 has just 5: at positions 28, 54, 146, 346, and 613 (ATG numbering), identical to 5 of the 6 identified for C/OK virus.
Mannose has long been recognized for playing a key role in protein glycosylation.
Other topics include disulfide bond formation, lipid transport, n-linked protein glycosylation, insertion of tail-anchored membrane proteins, and how viruses use the endoplasmic reticulum for entry and replication.
The research team -- led by Linda Hsieh-Wilson, professor of chemistry at Caltech -- found that tumor cells alter glycosylation, the addition of carbohydrates (in this case GlcNAc) to their proteins, in response to their surroundings.
Glythera, England, an emerging biopharmaceutical company specialising in protein/peptide functionalisation and glycosylation, has secured a fundraising round totalling GBP2M with IP Group, which will be tranched over the next three years.
A total of 28 glycoproteins and 44 glycosylation sites were identified.
The NetOGlyc and YinOYang software both predicted glycosylation sites in proANP, for residues covering most of the N-terminal 1-98 fragment; however, the serine residues at positions 79 and 80 (the location of one of the epitopes for the MR-proANP assay) were predicted with high probability as potential O-glycosylation sites.
Podansky et al identified altered glycosylation of insulin and insulin-like growth factor receptors in a Chinese hamster ovary cell-line, which caused binding specificity to change for insulin (1).
The condition is one of the congenital disorders of glycosylation or CDG, a group of syndromes in which inborn metabolic errors result in serious, sometimes fatal, malfunctions of different organ systems, especially the nervous system, muscles and intestines.
Lebanon, NH) has patented cell lines having genetically modified glycosylation pathways that allow them to carry out a sequence of enzymatic reactions, which mimic the processing of glycoproteins in humans, have been developed.
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