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A banded or foliated metamorphic rock, usually of the same composition as granite.

[German Gneis, probably alteration of Middle High German ganeist, spark (from its appearance), from Old High German gneista.]

gneiss′ic (nī′sĭk), gneiss′oid′ (nī′soid′), gneiss′ose′ (nī′sōs′) adj.
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The Company's exploration properties are underlain by an assemblage of Archean gneissic rocks containing relatively thin (10s to 100s of meters, rarely >5km wide), but laterally continuous (up to 30km-long), steeply-dipping units of metamorphosed greenstone.
Above the level of dark argillaceous deposits, gneissic local sources are predominant in conglomerate clast assemblages; sources of these clasts currently crop out both north and south of the conglomerates derived from them.
Granitic and gneissic outcrops (inselbergs) as centers of diversity for desiccation-tolerant vascular plants.
Graphite veins can be found in crystalline marbleized limestones associated with granitic and gneissic rocks.
3] coupled with the fact that the basin is rimmed by crystalline basement rocks mainly of granitic and gneissic composition.
The potential for large flake graphite is enhanced by the nearby presence of gneissic granite and the presence of high grade metamorphic mineral assemblages.
These meta-sedimentary folds or dome-like structures of the DOB are cored by gneissic and metasedimentary rocks of the Abbabis Formation.
The study area near Tirunelveli,Tamilnadu, India (Fig-1) is covered with the Charnockites group of Archean period rocks and by metasedimentary gneissic formations (Narayanaswamy and Lakshmi 1967).
2000): Evaluation of dimension stone in gneissic rocks - a case history from southern Finland.
3a), 2) a central zone, trending northeast, represents supracrustal and basement gneissic rocks (Penrhyn Group) of the Foxe Fold belt and, 3) a southern zone reflecting supracrustal marbles that are variably high in equivalent uranium (eU) and equivalent thorium (eTh).
The amounts of gibbsite and kaolin were inversely related in regolith derived from metadolerite and gneissic granite at Jarrahdale (Sadleir and Gilkes 1976).