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1. Sports The act of protecting a goal, as in hockey and other such sports.
2. Basketball An illegal play in which a player touches the ball when it is on a downward path to the basket or when it is on, above, or within the area over the opening of the rim of the basket.


(Hockey (Field & Ice)) ice hockey US the act of defending the goal


(ˈgoʊlˌtɛn dɪŋ)

1. the act of defending the goal in sports.
2. (in basketball) the illegal deflecting of the ball on its downward path toward the basket or while it is on the rim.


Illegal interference with a field goal attempt when the ball is above the basket.
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Blaze played good hockey in the Continental Cup, they have highly offensive forwards and great goaltending (Brian Stewart).
GM Lou Lamoriello said, "with today's signing, we have solidified our goaltending for the present and the future.
The Americans are a proven nightmare in international play with their combination of workmanlike play and stellar goaltending.
I guess goaltending is crucial in this league," Roy said, grinning.
However, as the Thunder players protested, officials Nathan Hill, Ian Spearman and Tahir Akar consulted and decided to penalise TN forward Sam Marburg for goaltending.
Three of the four encounters between Dynamo and Traktor Chelyabinsk have been won by one-goal margins and none has featured more than five goals - the usual overs/unders mark for KHL matches - thanks to some great goaltending.
VANCOUVER: The United States overcame an astonishing display of goaltending to become the first team to reach the Olympic men s ice hockey semi-finals on Wednesday with a hard-fought 2-0 win over gritty Switzerland.
If you look from the beginning of the season this year, every team that's had success, their goaltending has been playing well," said Giguere, who improved to 3-3-2 and lowered his goals-against average to 2.
The victories were based on solid goaltending, with rookie Tom Murdy getting the win against Hull and a man-of-thematch performance by Peter Hirsch the next night.
THE saga of the Coors Belfast Giants goaltending continues.
M/C/C to Provide Marketing Program for Global, Goaltending Company
We now have one of the best goaltending tandems in the NLL.