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also goat's-beard  (gōts′bîrd′)
1. Any of several Eurasian plants of the genus Tragopogon of the composite family, having grasslike leaves and yellow, dandelionlike flower heads, some species of which are widely naturalized in North America.
2. Any of several dioecious plants of the genus Aruncus of the rose family, native to northern regions, having pinnately compound leaves and a large panicle of small white flowers.


(ˈɡəʊtsˌbɪəd) or


1. (Plants) Also called: Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon a Eurasian plant, Tragopogon pratensis, with woolly stems and large heads of yellow rayed flowers surrounded by large green bracts: family Asteraceae (composites)
2. (Plants) an American rosaceous plant, Aruncus sylvester, with long spikes of small white flowers
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Noun1.goatsbeard - weedy European annual with yellow flowersgoatsbeard - weedy European annual with yellow flowers; naturalized in United States
wild flower, wildflower - wild or uncultivated flowering plant
genus Tragopogon, Tragopogon - genus of Old World herbs with linear entire leaves and yellow or purple flower heads