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A small chin beard, especially one connected to a mustache or trimmed into a point.

[Alteration of goaty, from goat (from its resemblance to a goat's beard).]


(Hairdressing & Grooming) a pointed tuftlike beard on the chin
[C19: from goat + -ee (see -y2)]
goatˈeed adj



a man's beard trimmed to a tuft or point on the chin.
[1835–45, Amer.; goat (from its resemblance to a goat's tufted chin) + -ee, probably sp. variant of -y2, stressed as if -ee]
goat•eed′, adj.
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Noun1.goatee - a small chin beard trimmed to a pointgoatee - a small chin beard trimmed to a point; named for its resemblance to a goat's beard
beard, face fungus, whiskers - the hair growing on the lower part of a man's face
chin, mentum - the protruding part of the lower jaw


[gəʊˈtiː] N (short) → perilla f; (long) → barba f de chivo


[ˌgəʊˈtiː] nbouc mgoat's cheese nfromage m de chèvre

goatee (beard)

nSpitzbart m


[ˈgəʊtiː] npizzo
References in classic literature ?
There was no mistaking those austere features and that goatee beard.
Summerlee thrust out his chin, with its little wagging tuft of goatee beard.
But, on the sofa, near Sophia Antonovna, a bony-faced man with a goatee beard leaned forward with his hands on his knees, staring hard with a kindly expression.
A little later a rakish young workman, with a goatee beard and a swagger, lit his clay pipe at the lamp before descending into the street.
As for the goatee beard, crazy specs, yellow gloves and black boots, your guess is as good as ours.
He is 6ft tall, slim build with shoulder length brown hair and a goatee beard, and wears glasses.
Despite wearing a Branson-esque blonde goatee beard, his efforts are interrupted when the real Branson appears and demands Bolt leaves.
The second man had tanned skin, was between 20 and 22, of average build, with a goatee beard.
He has short, grey, thinning hair, a goatee beard, a pale complexion and hazel eyes and was last seen wearing a navy blue t-shirt, blue jeans, white trainers and may possible have a purple hoody.
Dozy Gonzales had East Side inked on his upper lip and the number 13 in the shape of a goatee beard when he raided a home.
Mr Griffiths is described as being 6ft 5ins, with receding grey hair and a brown goatee beard.
One had a goatee beard and was wearing a grey sweatshirt.