goats' milk

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Noun1.goats' milk - the milk of a goat
milk - a white nutritious liquid secreted by mammals and used as food by human beings
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St Helen's Farm, the UK's leading goats' milk producer, has added a Chocolate ice cream to its range of goats' milk products.
Delamere Dairy, the Cheshire based speciality dairy has launched a new 500ml long-life goats' milk range in both whole and semi-skimmed varieties.
Physicochemical and sensory characteristics of yogurt produced from mixtures of cows' and goats' milk.
Four-year-old Annabelle Gibson's face will soon appear on 600,000 cartons of the white stuff after a dairy heard of her love of goats' milk - and how it helped the little girl battle eczma.
What: Whether you're drawn to goats for their milk, meat or fiber, Janice will give you an inside look at all facets of raising these gregarious animals, from the wonder of birth to day-to-day care to cooking with your goats' milk.
Daughter Amy was diagnosed at fourmonths-old in 1999 with eczema and Loraine remembered talking to her sister, who also suffered from the condition, about goats' milk being a good alternative to cows' milk.
We've got a free litre carton of St Helen's Farm goats' milk for every reader.
The addition of a skimmed goats' milk in a relatively small sector of the overall milk category shows goats' products are really coming into their own," said commercial director Ed Salt.
These 12 articles give researchers and practitioners the details on the unique feeding needs of dairy goats and the effects of that feeding on milk quality, covering such topics as mathematical models of goat lactation curves, variation of lipids in goats' milk and its protein components, aromatic and nutritional qualities, energy and protein requirements of goats, feed intake, foraging behavior and intake on Mediterranean shrub lands herbaceous pastures, management in intensive feeding systems, nutrition for fiber production, and metabolic or nutritional diseases.
Goats' milk is pretty common in most supermarkets now, but I can remember the time when nobody would touch goat's cheese as it was always considered to be strong smelling.
Creamers, half & half, powdered milk, milk for infants, and goats' milk are not included in this report.
Product range: Fivemiletown Cheddar, Oakwood Smoked Cheddar; Ballybrie Irish brie; Ballyblue Blue Brie; Ballyoak smoked brie; Cooneen goats' milk brie; Chevre log goats' milk cheese; Boilie goats and cows' cheese in oil; O'Reilly's goats' cheese with herbs.