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1. A piece or chunk, especially of raw meat.
2. A bit or morsel: a diary containing gobbets of useful information.
3. A small amount of liquid; a drop.

[Middle English gobet, from Old French, diminutive of gobe, mouthful; see gob1.]


(Cookery) a chunk, lump, or fragment, esp of raw meat
[C14: from Old French gobet, from gober to gulp down]


(ˈgɒb ɪt)

1. a piece, esp. of raw flesh.
2. a lump or mass.
[1275–1325; Middle English gobet < Old French: a mouthful, diminutive of gobe. See -et]
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Noun1.gobbet - a lump or chunk of raw meat
raw meat - uncooked meat


[ˈgɒbɪt] N [of food etc] → trocito m, pequeña porción f
gobbets of informationpequeños elementos mpl de información


nBrocken m
References in classic literature ?
Presently he turned sick, and threw up both wine and the gobbets of human flesh on which he had been gorging, for he was very drunk.
This bottom was littered with great gobbets of flesh, most of which was in the last state of putridity.
And indeed to watch him dallying with a little gobbet of bread, or sipping his cup of thrice-watered wine, is enough to make a man feel shame at his own hunger.
Tribune News Service LITERARY agent and provocateur John Brockman has turned popular science into a sort of modern shamanism, packaged non-fiction into gobbets of smart thinking, made stars of unlikely writers and continues to direct, deepen and contribute to some of the most hotly contested conversations in civic life.
Initially, Ocmo is merely challenging, requiring you to sweep between gobbets of lethal slime, detaching and snatching at just the right time and place to avoid a messy death, but after only a few of the gloriously detailed levels, the demands begin to skyrocket.
News afterwards, though, that De Bruyne had in fact come close to missing the Bournemouth game with a sickness bug - that caused him to lose nearly half-a-stone in weight - only served to add to the catalogue of extraordinary gobbets that articulate the incredible story unfolding at the Etihad.
Like a priesthood that restrictively mediates the Word of God and insists on the literal equation of body and bread (Error vomits gobbets of flesh along with books and papers), Duessa's false letter interjects itself between the true church and the man of faith, thus producing a bifurcation even more invidious than the bifurcation she exemplifies.
Given the all-round nature of his game as passer, dribbler, playmaker, provider of relentless gobbets of brilliance, perhaps the only real question is not whether he's the best right now, or the best of his era, but whether he's simply the best.
Once again, we see Austen picking away at the received notion that the artistic worth of a novel depends simply on the quantity of overt subject matter that it puts right before us to be consumed, those gobbets of essayism that lesser writers might anxiously insert in order to underwrite the relevance and intellectual credibility of their main narratives.
It follows the pattern of King's other books in letting the images do most of the talking and also in presenting gobbets of text, documents, and quotations, montage-style, rather than a continuous narrative.
life Fed by digestion, not raw food itself, No gobbets but smooth comfortable chyme Secreted from each snapped-up crudity,-- Less distinct, part by part, but in the whole Truer to the subject,--the main central truth And soul o' the picture, would my Judges spy,-- Not those mere fragmentary studied facts.
But SABMiller is not a bloated target like Anheuser-Busch and Modelo, with great gobbets of fat to be trimmed.