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also gob·ble·de·gook  (gŏb′əl-dē-go͝ok′)
Unclear, wordy jargon.

[Imitative of the gobbling of a turkey.]


or gob•ble•de•gook

(ˈgɒb əl diˌgʊk)

language characterized by circumlocution and jargon, usu. hard to understand.
[1940–45; fanciful formation from gobble2]
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Noun1.gobbledygook - incomprehensible or pompous jargon of specialists
jargon - specialized technical terminology characteristic of a particular subject


also gobbledegook
Unintelligible or nonsensical talk or language:


gobbledegook [ˈgɒbəldiguːk] ncharabia mgo-between [ˈgəʊbɪtwiːn] nintermédiaire mf
to act as a go-between → servir d'intermédiaire


gobbledegook [ˈgɒbldɪˌguːk] n (fam) → burocratese m
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The Tuffy Stories contain seven individual tales and The Gobbledygook includes three stories, with the idea being children can be told a different story each day to avoid repetition if there are few books on the ward.
Get even remotely near to an answer and they revert to their gobbledygook jargon.
He also discussed the substantial benefits small businesses will see by eliminating federal gobbledygook.
For centuries, palmistry has been dismissed by skeptics as superstitious gobbledygook.
Cllr Dunning blames the Government for the gobbledygook on the Redcar & Cleveland Council website, saying it is the Government that sets down the guidance for information on council websites.
Newcastle city councillor Bill Schardt deserves a pat on the back for his amusing sideswipe at gobbledygook.
com aren't worried that they'll have to reuse old gobbledygook to get potential consumers to open their marketing e-mails.
PR professionals can do better, says David Meerman Scott in The Gobbledygook Manifesto
Which is why this column took the liberty of entering it for this year's Golden Bull Awards, run by the Plain English Campaign and awarded annually to those spouting gobbledygook.
As my efforts to understand the gobbledygook came to nowt, I started browsing some of the sites and ended up reading the government's recent report on pensions.