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A desert of southeast Mongolia and northern China. It consists mainly of a series of shallow alkaline basins.


(ˈɡəʊbɪ) or

Gobi Desert

(Placename) a desert in E Asia, mostly in Mongolia and the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region of China: sometimes considered to include all the arid regions east of the Pamirs and north of the plateau of Tibet and the Great Wall of China: one of the largest deserts in the world. Length: about 1600 km (1000 miles). Width: about 1000 km (625 miles). Average height: 900 m (3000 ft). Chinese name: Shamo


(ˈgoʊ bi)

a desert in E Asia, mostly in Mongolia. ab. 500,000 sq. mi. (1,295,000 sq. km).
Go′bi•an, adj.
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