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Adj.1.goblet-shaped - resembling the shape of a goblet
circular, round - having a circular shape
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Nowadays many of us favour long-stemmed, goblet-shaped blooms that wouldn't cope with a windy hilltop.
I was given claves (short percussion sticks) aged four as I wanted to hit things in the church choir" A chance encounter with a player of the djembe (a goblet-shaped African drum) confirmed that desire.
True, the familiar, large, goblet-shaped blooms make a colorful springtime splash grouped in beds and pots.
uk), a pink goblet-shaped flower which grows to 60cm and looks ideal in the middle of a border, and the zingy Caribbean Parrot (Thompson & Morgan, www.
MAGNOLIA These amazing trees and shrubs can be a garden's focal point in the spring with their large goblet-shaped blooms in shades of pink or white.
Magnolia liliiflora 'Nigra' is a deciduous shrub with purple to pink goblet-shaped flowers in summer and Magnolia x veitchii 'Peter Veitch' has pure white flowers with a soft pink that bleeds gently into the flower from its base.
2m 10ft) high and produces goblet-shaped white flowers with a purple tint at the base, which come before the leaves.
The bizarre-looking creature also had a goblet-shaped body with an upper cup-like cavity and lower elongated stalk, with which it "attached to exoskeletons of other organisms", Zhang explained.
Magnolia soulangeana thrives in acid soil and bears stunning goblet-shaped white flowers that gradually fade to pink at the base.
Standing over km tall, the steel, cast resin and acrylic interior comprises four goblet-shaped modules arranged in a staggered interlocking configuration.
Indeed, they are characterized by the presence of mucin-containing, goblet-shaped epithelial cells, arranged in round or oval clusters (Figure 2, a and b).
We're both pretty good at figuring out how to play things we don't know anything about," says Mast, citing the goblet-shaped Iranian Zarb drum the two found as a good example.