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n.1.A framework moving on casters, designed to support children while learning to walk.
2.A cart used to carry heavy items and pushed by a person; it may have one, two or four wheels.
3.a small carriage in which a baby or child is pushed around.
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They ate very simply, but she liked to take a long time to buy the few things they needed; she could not be bothered to cook anything for her dinner, but made herself some cocoa and ate bread and butter; then she took the baby out in the gocart, and when she came in spent the rest of the afternoon in idleness.
GoCart is built on the RAB's ezAuction's e-commerce platform and intuitively responds to all wired devices.
Tropospheric aerosol optical thickness from the GOCART model and comparisons with satellite and sunphotometer measurements.
The fourth experiment (GOCART-CLIM) uses the GOCART climatology (section 2c) to activate the feedback to radiation (section 2d).
0 [micro]m in radius) and air stream movement, GOCART assesses dust sources and estimates annual emissions and their path.
Since its formal introduction earlier this year, goCart has been working with several dozen major online retailers on performance-focused programs that utilize ValueClick Media's expansive set of interactive advertising capabilities, assembled and tailored in a way that specifically addresses the needs of online retailers.
The CRTM uses the GOCART aerosol speciation model for aerosol optical properties, which provides consistency between the types of aerosols predicted by WRF-Chem and the computed radiances.
The goCart solution accesses ValueClick Media's proprietary database of anonymous user profiles to arrive at a structured plan for online retailers to reach their desired audience.
ShopSavvy[TM], formerly known as GoCart, is a personal shopping assistant enabling customers to comparison shop on the go, simply by scanning any product's barcode using the T-Mobile G1's built-in camera.
Big in Japan's ShopSavvy[TM], formerly known as GoCart, was named one of 10 winners among nearly 1,800 entries in the Google Challenge, a contest to build mobile-phone applications for the Android operating system.
GoCart, a Barcode-Scanning Shopping Assistant, Wins Google's Android Developer Challenge; Will Be Available When Phones Hit the Market Later This Year
has seen items sale or been Thieves forced their way into out buildings on the farm before fleeing with the gocarts.