god of war

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Noun1.god of war - a god worshipped as giving victory in wargod of war - a god worshipped as giving victory in war
deity, divinity, god, immortal - any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force
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As I gazed upon it I felt a spell of overpowering fascination--it was Mars, the god of war, and for me, the fighting man, it had always held the power of irresistible enchantment.
As I stood upon the bluff before my cottage on that clear cold night in the early part of March, 1886, the noble Hudson flowing like the grey and silent spectre of a dead river below me, I felt again the strange, compelling influence of the mighty god of war, my beloved Mars, which for ten long and lonesome years I had implored with outstretched arms to carry me back to my lost love.
The god of war deals out like measure to all, and the slayer may yet be slain.
This was O-Tar, Jeddak of Manator, and as Tara of Helium saw him for the first time she could not but acknowledge a certain admiration for this savage chieftain who so virilely personified the ancient virtues of the God of War.
And God of War III is about as good a gaming gift you could give yourself right now, particularly in this remastered PS4 package.
Sony Santa Monica Studio has broken silence on the subject to reveal that God of War for PS4 is under development, though any official details won't be made public for "the next year or two".
While the first two God Of War games are still easy to recommend, even after all these years, this PS Vita collection stands as the worst edition with which to experience them.
Here, the original God of War and smash-hit sequel are beautifully bundled together.
God of War was never understated, but this prequel redefines epic.
On a whim, I entered a small store selling video games and accessories in an upmarket Dubai mall, intending to get some tips on where to get God of War in Dubai.
The bar has been set quite high for this franchise as each God of War title succeeds in being better than the last," said Todd Papy, Game Director, God of War: Ascension, SCE WWS Santa Monica Studio.