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A triangular piece of fabric usually set into the hem of a garment to add fullness.

[French : god- in goder, to pucker (of fabric), bunch up (from godron, gadroon, pleat, from Middle French goderon, from Old French, gadroon; see gadroon) + -et, diminutive suffix (from Middle French, from Old French; see -et).]


(ˈɡəʊdeɪ; ɡəʊˈdɛt)
(Clothing & Fashion) a triangular piece of material inserted into a garment, such as into a skirt to create a flare
[C19: from French]



a triangular piece of fabric inserted in a garment to give fullness.
[1870–75; < French: mug, cup, pucker, godet, Old French, =god- (< Middle Dutch codde cylindrical piece of wood) + -et -et]


A triangular piece of material inserted in a skirt or sleeve to make it fuller or give it a flare.
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We've done a lot of cinched waists, getting away from our almost-mermaid like looks, which is kind of colloquial with us now and I have played with Godet construction in an abstract way in our saris and lehengas," he said.
What is the purpose of inserting a godet into an item of clothing?
Directed by Fabienne Godet and starring Benoot Poelvoorde and Ariane Labed, the film tells the story of Antoine, a joyful but disenchanted photographer whose only true friend is his often-absent neighbour's son, seven-year-old Mateo.
Of these seven, only two (the widows of Joseph Godet and Simon Cormier) were listed in the ledger books.
The bride, who worked with award winning fashion designer Maggie Sottero to design her one-of-a-kind ceremony and reception dresses, looked radiant in a form-fitting one-shoulder gown of embroidered ivory lace cascading down the bodice and into a full godet skirt of blush tulle.
CHER tartan dress with leather godet and detachable collar piece (worn with belts) PS245 | MIRANDA metallic leopard print knot detail dress with godet hem PS285 | DION tartan wool cape with oversize leather bows PS175 | TARA Stretch leather look trousers with frill detail and gold zips PS105 | ALEXIS black stretch crepe off shoulder dress with bow detail PS125.
But the celebration turned into a nightmare after Chmouni and his wife Sandrine Godet decided to go to a restaurant at the nearby Xlendi Bay.
Further investigation into the location of this specimen has been unsuccessful, although other collections from the Godet herbarium have been found at the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem herbarium (B).
The lace sheath gown featured a Juliet neckline, open back, and godet skirt drifting into a sweeping train.
According to observations by Godet [1], dry friction is largely determined not by the properties of friction materials of the contacting pair, but by the characteristics of the structure and composition of the thin film that forms on the surface of both bodies as a result of compaction of the wear product, its chemical composition and oxidation.
Thanks to its 15-year experience on French market with the IT distribution guide, ITdistri has decided to enter this market, with a unique, value-added guide, in partnership with major IT vendors like Eaton, Iiyama, Iomega, Kaspersky Lab, Oki or VMware," Alain Godet, ITdistri's founder, says.