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A triangular piece of fabric usually set into the hem of a garment to add fullness.

[French : god- in goder, to pucker (of fabric), bunch up (from godron, gadroon, pleat, from Middle French goderon, from Old French, gadroon; see gadroon) + -et, diminutive suffix (from Middle French, from Old French; see -et).]


(ˈɡəʊdeɪ; ɡəʊˈdɛt)
(Clothing & Fashion) a triangular piece of material inserted into a garment, such as into a skirt to create a flare
[C19: from French]



a triangular piece of fabric inserted in a garment to give fullness.
[1870–75; < French: mug, cup, pucker, godet, Old French, =god- (< Middle Dutch codde cylindrical piece of wood) + -et -et]


A triangular piece of material inserted in a skirt or sleeve to make it fuller or give it a flare.
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The Winsome Warrior eye shadow palette features "fierce but delicate" arrowhead godets, in a faux birch wood textured insert with baked powders.
The process involves the well-known spin packs and the double shell godets, the HPc-texturing system and the fully automatic winder.
Given in marriage by her parents and escorted by her father, the bride wore a strapless couture gown of ivory dupioni silk which featured a sweetheart neckline and sculptural bodice seaming The trumpet skirt featured godets and ended in a chapel-length train with covered buttons adorning the length of the dress's back The bride's "something borrowed" was her mother's cathedral-length mantilla veil, edged and appliqued with Alencon lace.
To produce 32-[micro]m fibers, a 50-filament spinneret with 510-[micro]m-diameter holes was used and the three draw-line godets were operated at 125, 150, and 150 m [min.
Learn to insert godets into an ordinary skirt for a feminine kick that's fun to wear.
The US-based manufacturer of rotary temperature transmitters for godets and heated rolls will be displaying its expanding line of products.
The skirt has three godets of colour with a split right to the hip.
The black Poplin Skirt with Godets (pictured on Alfonso) is $79.
L'usage social s'impose meme dans les textes officiels, comme par exemple dans cette phrase : << Je suis convenu avec l'Affricain de l'habitation Chantilly qu'il viendrait prendre demain les planches necessaires a la reparation des godets de la roue du moulin de cette habitation >>, ou dans ce titre : << Etat des journees que les africains ont employes a la nouvelle prise d'eau de la Ravine du Sud >> (Gavanon a Polverel, 1er mars 1794).
FLOWER CHILD: Flesh chiffon top with sewn on flowers, right, pounds 38, Oasis; pink crepe skirt with godets, pounds 65, Monsoon; necklace with flesh stone, pounds 8, Accessorize
Then, there are 62 godets (pats of make-up -you didn't know there was a special word did you?