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1. Recognizing or worshiping no god.
2. Impious or immoral: godless behavior.
3. Having no god: a godless universe.

god′less·ly adv.
god′less·ness n.
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Noun1.godlessness - the doctrine or belief that there is no God
religious orientation - an attitude toward religion or religious practices
2.godlessness - impiety by virtue of not being a godly person
impiety, impiousness - unrighteousness by virtue of lacking respect for a god
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He was among the first thinkers of Europe to overcome the pessimism which godlessness generally brings in its wake.
It's also a set-up for a feel-good story about a passionate underdog who--spurning cynicism, godlessness, and fried food--overcomes every disadvantage to achieve the unthinkable.
In these days when the Christian faith is under attack not only from godlessness, but also from political correctness and other religions, Christians should be prepared to stand up and be counted.
On three major occasions in the play Macbeth expresses his full appreciation of the godlessness of his desires.
If our cultural trajectory isn't changed, godlessness and moral relativism will lead to the gulag, as it always does.
Rather does that object consist in something unique, expressed in the "realisation" of all Godlessness, of all the sins of the world, now experienced as agony and a sinking down into the "second death" or "second chaos," outside of the world ordained from the beginning by God.
In other words, Santorum would love and support this couple except on the most important day of their lives, at which time he would pointedly shun them and later make rousing speeches about their immoral godlessness.
In doing so, Incarnadine tests the divisions between body and spirit, virgin and mother, as well as notions of godlessness and the ungodly.
In a first, American atheists are planning to launch a television channel, dedicated exclusively for non-believers, to propagate godlessness.
The late Christopher Hitchens, one of the most articulate voices for a principled godlessness, suggested, somewhat facetiously yet bearing a certain truth, that Jews are genetically predisposed to atheism.
If you want to help humanism/atheism, if you want to push back against the corrosive influence of religion, if you want to make life better for yourself and other godless people--come out about your godlessness.
The open mind seeking truth will see it but the closed mind that embraces godlessness will war against that truth and twist the data and the "facts" to deceive others.