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A minor god.


(Theology) a little god


(ˈgɒd lɪŋ)

a minor or local god.
References in classic literature ?
He looked toward the cot by the fire where the godling snorted.
The Jeddak of Ptarth nodded his assent, but the ugly scowl that he bent upon Matai Shang harbored ill for that pasty-faced godling.
It was written as part of Radio 1 star Zane Lowe's project to put together a new soundtrack to the Ryan Godling movie Drive.
The gorgeous, rebellious Prince Beau loves strong-willed healer Agnatha, and with the help of an all-powerful godling, the two may find the happiness each deserves.
Sam Johnson, Potter, Daniel Burge (2) and James Godling added further strikes in the second half.
Let's hope that this gem of a show and its fine catalogue (with contributions from Andrew Lambirth, Veronica Godling and Keith Ball) galvanise Tate into staging a long-overdue retrospective, that Vaughan deserves.
The gossamer webbing, pink and translucent and shot through leaf-like with a tracery of fine veins red like covered flame, between Myles's toes is considered 'the marks of a godling, sure as heaven' (p.
Furnace, indentured slave, godling -- the sun knew much, and refused all succor.
But, finally, Redmond's attendant godling isn't the only one to have lost her way.
The Godling ties in with a pair of websites — one with extended content about the book (maps, language guides, etc.
The second installment of The Inheritance Trilogy reprises the history of the godlings.
The godlings call to him that all his studies hunted for this experience.