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 (gŏd′pâr′ənt, -păr′-)
A godfather or a godmother.


(Ecclesiastical Terms) a person who stands sponsor to another at baptism


(ˈgɒdˌpɛər ənt, -ˌpær-)

a godfather or godmother.
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Noun1.godparent - a person who sponsors someone (the godchild) at baptism
godfather - any man who serves as a sponsor for a child at baptism
godmother - any woman who serves as a sponsor for a child at baptism
sponsor, supporter, patron - someone who supports or champions something
عَرّاب، كفيل المُعَمَّد
guîfaîir, guîmóîir
krstný rodič


(god) noun
1. (with capital) the creator and ruler of the world (in the Christian, Jewish etc religions).
2. (feminine ˈgoddess) a supernatural being who is worshipped. the gods of Greece and Rome.
ˈgodly adjective
religious. a godly man/life.
ˈgodliness noun
ˈgodchild, ˈgoddaughter, ˈgodson nouns
a child who has a godparent or godparents.
ˈgodfather, ˈgodmother, ˈgodparent nouns
a person who, at a child's baptism, promises to take an active interest in its welfare.
ˈgodsend noun
a very welcome piece of unexpected good luck. Your cheque was an absolute godsend.
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Also, I thought, to be a godparent, one should be a paragon of good morals values, and who can offer wise spiritual advice when the couple needs it.
I feel there is a need to remind parents about the non-material but infinitely more important and more precious gifts a godparent can give our children.
RONNIE Wood is lining up Rod Stewart to be a godparent to one of his new tots.
Asking someone to be your child's godparent may seem like an offer they can't refuse, but that doesn't mean it is an easy job.
Rod has been able to keep the charity going for so long thanks to a Godparent sponsorship scheme and donations, and now helps about 20,000 kids each year.
In colonial Latin America, compadrazgo's emphasis on the relationship between godparent and godchild or between compadres varied, depending upon region, time period, and the participants' ethnicity, race, class, and gender.
In the introduction and first three chapters, Alfani provides an overview of godparent practice in the history of Christianity, up to the Council of Trent.
Over the years, the role of godparent has evolved into taking on the additional duty of supporting the child through life and being someone they can turn to for help and advice.
The Catholic church says one godparent is sufficient and not more than two are allowed.
This is a far cry from, not only our understanding of the role of a Godparent, but also of our modern understanding of the word gossip, either as a noun or a verb.
I'm very active as a godparent and an aunt but motherhood for myself is just not where my life is right now," she said.
As a godparent of many children (now mostly adults), I still pray for each of them, weekly.