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Nanocrystals of goethite of soils and sediments may exhibit habitual acicular morphologies, but irregular shapes may predominate under poor growth conditions, and many different goethite morphologies in the soils and sediments were reported in the literature (Faivre, 2016).
When water and oxygen corrode iron, different iron oxide products are produced, with the two most common being goethite and hematite.
The XRD, SEM and EDS data revealed that hematite, illite, goethite and ferroan dolomite cement filled the intergranular pores in the Chichali Formation.
Quartz, feldspars, hematite, gypsum, chlorite and goethite minerals were obtained from above methods.
The silt fraction (2-20 pm) was mainly composed of quartz, although anatase, kaolinite and goethite also were present (Zinn 2009).
Kaolinite was identified as the predominant kaolin mineral in all four deposits, associated with quartz as major constituent, while mica (illite/muscovite) + k-feldspar (as microcline) [+ or -] goethite [+ or -] hematite [+ or -] anatase [+ or -] rutile [+ or -] ilmenite occurred in minor to trace quantities (Diko and Ekosse, 2012; Diko, 2012; Diko and Ekosse, 2014).
Since the laterite was limonitic type the main iron mineral was goethite (FeOOH).
The first transition corresponds to goethite while the second (340[degrees]C) could be TC of iron sulphides, such as pyrrhotite, or transition from goethite to hematite.
They estimate their Utah site contains 3 million-plus tons of iron oxide hydroxide in the form of limonite, goethite and hematite, grading 95 percent on average.