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Noun1.Goggle-eye - of Atlantic coastal watersgoggle-eye - of Atlantic coastal waters; commonly used for bait
scad - any of a number of fishes of the family Carangidae
genus Selar, Selar - big-eyed scad
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South of there, it's all about drift fishing with live goggle-eyes or pilchards.
She previously triumphed at the awards in 1992 for Flour Babies and 1989 for Goggle-eyes.
Year 7 pupil, Nicola Farr, 12, said: "I've read Charm School and Goggle-Eyes by Anne and when I was little my favourite book was The Diary of a Killer Cat.
The DJ played Kaz's huge BodyRockers hit - I Like The Way You Move - and he had goggle-eyes when leggy Sophie hit the dance floor.
Her books for older children include the award winning The Tulip Touch and Goggle-Eyes, which was adapted for television by the BBC.
Like many offshore fishermen in South Florida, our normal day involves drift-fishing live baits such as goggle-eyes, blue runners, Spanish sardines, pilchards or threadfin herring.
Anne, of Barnard Castle, has won the Carnegie twice before, for Goggle-eyes in 1989 and Flour Babies in 1992.
Making goggle-eyes at boyfriend Jude Law she gushed: "Our birthdays are a day apart.
Author of more than 40 books, her children's novel Goggle-Eyes won her The Guardian Children's Fiction prize and the coveted Carnegie Medal.
Ms Fine won the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize for her novel Goggle-Eyes as well as Britain's most coveted award for children's literature - the Carnegie Medal, for Flour Babies.
Many were filling livewells with pilchards and goggle-eyes which had been supplied by Joe Settebrino's Hillsboro Inlet Live Bait.
Primarily we used goggle-eyes, threadfin herring and pilchards.