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v. gog·gled, gog·gling, gog·gles
1. To stare with wide and bulging eyes.
2. To roll or bulge. Used of the eyes.
To roll or bulge (the eyes).
1. A stare or leer.
2. goggles A pair of tight-fitting eyeglasses, often tinted or having side shields, worn to protect the eyes from hazards such as wind, glare, water, or flying debris.

[Middle English gogelen, to squint.]

gog′gly adj.
References in classic literature ?
At the same instant I heard the crash of Lord John's elephant-gun, and, looking up, saw one of the creatures with a broken wing struggling upon the ground, spitting and gurgling at us with a wide-opened beak and blood-shot, goggled eyes, like some devil in a medieval picture.
These remarks made Mr Sparkler (as perhaps they were intended to do) nearly distracted; for while on the one hand they expressed Miss Fanny's susceptibility of the tender passion, she herself showed such an innocent unconsciousness of his admiration that his eyes goggled in his head with jealousy of an unknown rival.
All crew members should be goggled from takeoff to landing.