gold fever

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: fever - greed and the contagious excitement of a gold rush
fever - intense nervous anticipation; "in a fever of resentment"
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Down the dusty high roads defiled long streams of heavily-laden mules, all heading to the west, for the gold fever had broken out in California, and the Overland Route lay through the City of the Elect.
RICHARD MCCOMB reports HAVEN'T even seen the El Dorado hills yet but I've already got the fever - gold fever.
Robert Guardiola of Riverbank uses a magnifying glass to teach for gold in his pan after collecting gravel deposits under the waterfall on his claim, south of Eagle Creek This year's historic rains and runoff are scouring California's rivers and streams, leaving gold fever in the air.
Gold fever hit the Pacific Northwest, and Grandfather Trump moved up to Bennett, British Columbia.
Dread of modernization and British imperialism, the introduction of intensive farming, gold fever, drought or natural disasters and the "trekking spirit" or "trek fever" probably played no role at all.
Gripped with gold fever as I was, it was clear that panning alone was a very inefficient process.
Their Japanese and Filipino bosses noted this and criticized them, but the engineers had a bad case of gold fever.
Carla Jackson, Sinead Duffy, Roz Purcell, Kerrie Nicole Blanc and Aoife Hannon were snapped with The Gold Fever Jet ahead of this year's Miss Universe Ireland competition.
Paydirt is a popular gold rush-themed game with a history of big payouts thanks to its Strike It Lucky bonus round where players go mining for Bonus symbols and its Gold Fever free spins bonus where only Gold Nugget wild symbols appear on the center reel.