gold medal

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gold medal

(Individual Sports, other than specified) a medal of gold, awarded to the winner of a competition or race. Compare silver medal, bronze medal

gold′ med′al

a medal, traditionally of gold, awarded to a person or team finishing first in a competition. Compare bronze medal, silver medal.
gold′ med′alist, n.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: medal - a trophy made of gold (or having the appearance of gold) that is usually awarded for winning first place in a competitiongold medal - a trophy made of gold (or having the appearance of gold) that is usually awarded for winning first place in a competition
trophy, prize - something given as a token of victory
ميداليه ذَهَبيَّه
zlatá medaile
zlatá medaila
altın madalya

gold medal

n (Sport) → medaglia d'oro


(gould) noun
1. an element, a precious yellow metal used for making jewellery etc. This watch is made of gold; (also adjective) a gold watch.
2. coins, jewellery etc made of gold.
3. the colour of the metal. the shades of brown and gold of autumn leaves; (also adjective) a gold carpet.
ˈgolden adjective
1. of gold or the colour of gold. golden hair.
2. (of a wedding anniversary, jubilee etc) fiftieth. They will celebrate their golden wedding (anniversary) next month.
ˈgoldfishplural ˈgoldfish noun
a small golden-yellow fish often kept as a pet. The child kept a goldfish in a bowl.
ˌgold-ˈleaf noun
gold beaten into a very thin sheet. a brooch covered with gold-leaf.
gold medal
in competitions, the medal awarded as first prize.
ˈgold-mine noun
1. a place where gold is mined.
2. a source of wealth or profit. That clothes shop is an absolute gold-mine.
ˈgold-rush noun
a rush of people to a part of a country where gold has been discovered.
ˈgoldsmith noun
a person who makes jewellery, ornaments etc of gold.
as good as gold
very well-behaved.
golden opportunity
a very good opportunity.
References in classic literature ?
SEVENTY-FIVE Men presented themselves before the President of the Humane Society and demanded the great gold medal for life-saving.
You shall not only have the Society's great gold medal, but its recommendation for employment at the various life-boat stations along the coast.
Ruby, perceiving the Queen's calendar lying on the table, wanted to know if Anne meant to try for the gold medal.
When they stopped to change at Coventry, the steam ascended from the horses in such clouds as wholly to obscure the hostler, whose voice was however heard to declare from the mist, that he expected the first gold medal from the Humane Society on their next distribution of rewards, for taking the postboy's hat off; the water descending from the brim of which, the invisible gentleman declared, must have drowned him (the postboy), but for his great presence of mind in tearing it promptly from his head, and drying the gasping man's countenance with a wisp of straw.
Know then that my wife was educated in a high-class school for the daughters of noblemen, and on leaving she danced the shawl dance before the governor and other personages for which she was presented with a gold medal and a certificate of merit.
About twenty-seven years of age, and spoiled, like others, by success, Martin Falleix had had the luck to become the active agent of Monsieur Saillard, the sleeping-partner in the working out of a discovery made by Falleix in smelting (patent of invention and gold medal granted at the exposition of 1825).
it is all that saved him from exploding--and my dreams of an Honorary Fellowship, gold medals, and a niche in the Hall of Fame faded into the thin, cold air of his arctic atmosphere.
Then magnificent gold medals set with precious stones were presented to each of the twenty-six officers; and the Tin Woodman was given a new axe studded with diamonds; and the Scarecrow received a silver jar of complexion powder.
His junk proved to be several gold medals won in his amateur days at boxing tournaments.
2015 has brought about unprecedented growth and success for Gold Medal.
In the 48kg weight category Zikria of Balochistan claimed gold medal after defeating Waqas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on points in the final while Abdul Qadir of Sindh and Mohsin Bhatti of Punjab took bronze medals.
dnata s growth strategy aligns well with Gold Medal Travel Group its comprehensive travel services complement dnata s established international travel offering, and will further enhance the proposition we offer our customers be it to trade, corporates or individuals, said Iain Andrew, Divisional Senior Vice President of dnata s travel business.