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Verb1.goldplate - plate with gold; "goldplate a watch"
plate - coat with a layer of metal; "plate spoons with silver"
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I'm off to find out how much it costs to goldplate a 1988 Saab.
We worry that DEFRA could goldplate this new regulation?
In addition, German utilities tie up far more capital than US counterparts, because they often goldplate and overengineer their systems.
Julian Wade of the Organic Food Federation said: "There is a tendency for individual certifiers to goldplate EU standards in organics, which puts the burden of red tape on suppliers.
Flatware is sold both in the silver department, where sterling silver, silverplate, goldplate and high quality stainless-steel are available, as well as in housewares departments.
The Weston Gallery, back at the Stationery Show after a four year absence, presented four new collections: Laser Cut Wood series, featuring three designs signs in natural and colored woods; Translucent Resin, two design in soft white, blue and green; three new designs in the firm's Silverplate and Goldplate series; and Greek Goldplate, a resin line in two sizes.
Three new exclusive designs join the firm's silverplate and goldplate offerings.
The catalog shows more than 60 items under both its Taunton and Sheridan brands of silverplate and goldplate, and all the items can be engraved.