golf tee

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: tee - a short peg put into the ground to hold a golf ball off the groundgolf tee - a short peg put into the ground to hold a golf ball off the ground
golf equipment - sports equipment used in playing golf
nog, peg - a wooden pin pushed or driven into a surface
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Golf Realty Network links Golf enthusiasts at the SWPGA's golf tee times booking website, www.
com while the other half were left to anguish through a round of golf at the local Club without a single Naked Lady Golf Tee in sight.
The golf ball tattoos, emblazoned with the year she hit the hole in one, surround a golf tee tattoo on the lower calf of her right leg.
Kevin Jackson was framed for a crime he didn't commit 14 years ago in St Stephen's High, Port Glasgow It wasmewho pinged the golf tee that bounced off Mrs Harkins and got him flung into the maths corridor until he learned how to behave.
The outing will include a buffet lunch, golf tee, networking reception and dinner banquet.
Yet Nair's interplay of tongues, like the characters' equivalent concerns with prenuptial tattooing, stock market fluctuations, golf tee times, symbolic marigold garlands and a hundred other timeless and timely things of life, is presented in such a way that it seems as naturally and specifically, delightfully Delhian as anyone, from anywhere, could ever want to be.
The US President stuck a golf tee in his mouth as he pondered the age- old problem of how to improve his handicap.
Similarly, Swedish golfer Daniela Holmqvist also had a brush with wildlife at Royal Canberra, after she was bitten by a red-back spider and had to use a golf tee to extract the venom from her leg.
Now, The Golf Tee Store has decided to give a new twist to the same promotion for people who love to golf or love a golfer.
Did you know the first patent for a wooden golf tee was held by a black man?
The system allows customers to purchase show tickets, restaurant reservations, golf tee times, front-of-line nightclub passes and more before they board their plane to Las Vegas.
Canberra, Feb 14 ( ANI ): A Swedish golfer has claimed that she had to use a golf tee to extract venom from her leg after being bitten by a poisonous spider during a qualifying tournament in Canberra.