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It's a 1,000-m climb, using the country's only double-decker gondola car.
In the video, he is seen trying to restore the gondola car to its normal position when he lost his footing and fell.
Srinagar: A family of four from Delhi and three locals were killed on Sunday when a gondola car cabin crashed hundreds of metres down to the ground after its cable snapped in Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir, police said.
gather and line up at a stationary gondola car to collect their tickets for day trips all over Switzerland.
Most of the refugees rode in a gondola car, an open-top steel car normally used to carry loose bulk cargo.
Dad boarded an open gondola car pulled by a coal-burning engine.
The sporty family had taken a gondola car up the 3,500ft flat-topped peak, whose cableway had an unblemished 71-year safety record.
Tenders are invited for gondola car for peat without unloading hatches
Nineteen skiers and a gondola operator were killed when their gondola car plunged about 400 feet to the icy slopes below.
Walker estimates that around 1,500 tons of cargo can be loaded onto a river barge, far more than can be loaded on a truck or a gondola car, meaning that moving ferrous scrap by barge is less expensive on a per-ton basis.
While there isn't any one particular area where the bottleneck occurs, Dixon sees some issues when the end consumer receives a significant number of cars at one time, keeping the gondola car out of circulation for a longer period of time.