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1. An optical instrument for measuring crystal angles, as between crystal faces.
2. A radio receiver and directional antenna used as a system to determine the angular direction of incoming radio signals.

[Greek gōniā, angle; see genu- in Indo-European roots + -meter.]

go′ni·o·met′ric (-nē-ə-mĕt′rĭk), go′ni·o·met′ri·cal adj.
go′ni·om′e·try n.


the practice or theory of measuring angles, especially by means of a goniometer.
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Tendon thickness and tear were measured on a grey scale Toshiba Xerio (8-14 MHz), range of motion (ROM) was recorded on Goniometry, manual muscle strength on Oxford Scale for Manual Muscle Testing, quality of life by QOL-EQ-5D-3L and functional disability by disability of arm, shoulder and hand (DASH)10 (Table).
8[degrees] was reported among young dancers (aged 8 to 13 years) measured passively using goniometry and without sufficient details regarding measurement position.
On examination by goniometry (measure the angle of joint) of the thumb, we found out that he can reach about 70[degrees] hyperextension (Fig.
LSA can be measured by goniometry, radiography, flexible rulers, software methods, spinal mouse and inclinometer.
AHP was measured on three axes using orthopedic goniometry.
In order to perform the functional balance of the patients, the perimetry and the measurement of joint mobility were used, as evaluation methods, by goniometry.
AOA systems calculate the device position using goniometry.
Providence, RI) announces a new x-ray goniometry service that provides a complete lattice orientation of single crystals and is suitable for a wide variety of materials, regardless of size and weight.
They collected pain levels, joint stability, activity levels, and function in subjective aspects and objective functional assessments including goniometry, ultrasound imaging, three-dimensional motion analysis/conversion modeling of gait, and sit-stand.