good fellow

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good′ fel′low

a friendly and pleasant person.
References in classic literature ?
I was looked upon as a good fellow, as well as no coward.
What completed everything, and won for me the title of "Prince of the Oyster Beds," was that I was a good fellow ashore with my money, buying drinks like a man.
One of the bystanders said to him, "My good fellow, why do you sell him, being such a one as you describe, when you may yourself enjoy the good things he has to give?
He's an amazingly good fellow, and a handsome fellow--foolish and weak as yet; that's all.
Nothing plainer, my good fellow, nothing easier,' returned the other, shrugging his shoulders and stretching himself more comfortably before the fire.
Now by my faith," said the Tinker, "thou art a right good fellow in spite of thy scurvy jests.
Baisemeaux, my good fellow, what a word to make use of
Say, a good fellow, if you want a phrase," returned Herbert, smiling, and clapping his hand on the back of mine, "a good fellow, with impetuosity and hesitation, boldness and diffidence, action and dreaming, curiously mixed in him.
Introduce me, now there's a good fellow," he said, "If we happen to meet it together
got from me what I had kept these three-and-twenty years and more, defending it against Moors and Christians, natives and strangers; and I always as hard as an oak, and keeping myself as pure as a salamander in the fire, or wool among the brambles, for this good fellow to come now with clean hands to handle me
Soon afterwards the wolf came and wished him joy, and said, 'Now, my good fellow, you must tell no tales, but turn your head the other way when I want to taste one of the old shepherd's fine fat sheep.
We're all good fellows here," the Major's lady continued.