good life

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good′ life′

1. a life abounding in material comforts.
2. a life lived in accordance with moral or religious precepts.
References in classic literature ?
It is the legislator's task to frame a society which shall make the good life possible.
The large nation states to which we are accustomed make it difficult for us to think that the state could be constructed and modelled to express the good life.
He assumes the characteristic Platonic view that all men seek the good, and go wrong through ignorance, not through evil will, and so he naturally regards the state as a community which exists for the sake of the good life.
And although some one will say 'the many can kill us,' that makes no difference; but a good life, in other words, a just and honourable life, is alone to be valued.
And if she wouldn't, well - he would live a good life among men, because of Her, and he would quit drinking anyway.
He's led a very good life, he's done his duty, he's been a good parish priest, and I'm sure we shall all miss him; he can't have anything to reproach himself with.
I shall buy up some good Life Assurance shares, and cut into the Direction.
Ulysses answered, "Eumaeus, I have heard the story of your misfortunes with the most lively interest and pity, but Jove has given you good as well as evil, for in spite of everything you have a good master, who sees that you always have enough to eat and drink; and you lead a good life, whereas I am still going about begging my way from city to city.
Sheer experience had already taught her that, in some circumstances, there was one thing better than to lead a good life, and that was to be saved from leading any life whatever.
Polly did not know this, and was fortunate in possessing a friend who knew what influences would serve her best, and who could give her what all women should desire to give each other, the example of a sweet, good life, more eloquent and powerful than any words; for this is a right no one can deny us.
It's a jolly good life taking it all round--if it weren't for that fellow Alfred Inglethorp
You will have a happy life and a good life, and your husband will be blessed in you.