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Noun1.good person - a person who is good to other people
individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul - a human being; "there was too much for one person to do"
benefactor, helper - a person who helps people or institutions (especially with financial help)
brick - a good fellow; helpful and trustworthy
giver - someone who devotes himself completely; "there are no greater givers than those who give themselves"
good egg - (old-fashioned slang) a good person
mensch, mensh - a decent responsible person with admirable characteristics
plaster saint - a person (considered to be) without human failings; "he's no plaster saint"
rock - (figurative) someone who is strong and stable and dependable; "he was her rock during the crisis"; "Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church"--Gospel According to Matthew
holy man, holy person, saint, angel - person of exceptional holiness
square shooter, straight arrow, straight shooter - a frank and honest person
sweetheart - any well-liked individual; "he's a sweetheart"
trouper - a person who is reliable and uncomplaining and hard working
bad person - a person who does harm to others
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You need not be ashamed, sir, of what you are; I promise you no good person will esteem you the less on that account.
The fact was, that when the five hundred pounds had come into my pocket, a thought had come into my head which had been often there before; and it appeared to me that Wemmick was a good person to advise with, concerning such thought.
I admire Charlie's aunt very much, you know, and I think that she is a very useful and good person, but I don't think she would do as a wife for poor quiet papa.
I thought he would be a good person to learn interesting things from, so I asked him if he would mind telling me something about the whale fishing in the old days.
Grundy who is troubling you, I do assure you that you can neglect the good person.
He had been taken to that town by some good persons distantly related to his dead father, and by them adopted and tenderly cared for.
Doubts such as those I have intimated drove many good persons to agitate the questions of social reform.
Here's a clue: paying big bucks for a signed footy shirt does not make you a good person if you're a horror the rest of the year.
Michael is not going to learn how to be a good person overnight," Eleanor tells Chidi.
More than a decade after Pink collaborated with Dr Luke, she has spoken against him, alleging"he's not a good person.
STOP AND LISTEN STOP and listen Be in the position Make your life better Make it more interesting Stop and listen Tell yourself I am a good person I am doing good I am changing the world Stop and listen Be in the right position Live your dreams Read all the magazines Tell yourself Life is worth living It's a sunny position Stop and listen Get rid of stress Clear up the mess Thing good about yourself Be the next solution Be the great I am Listen to the voice inside Stop at the traffic lights Take a walk in the woods Change your attitude Change your thinking Change the world.
I know him, he's a good person and I hope for him Newcastle stay up - but Saturday is an important for match for us too and I hope to see my team play like last Saturday.