goof up

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1. Slang. One deficient in judgment and good sense:
Informal: dope, gander, goose.
2. Slang. A stupid, clumsy mistake:
Informal: blooper, boner.
Slang: bloomer.
Slang. To pass time without working or in avoiding work.Also used with off:
bum (around), idle, laze, loaf, loiter, lounge, shirk.
Slang: diddle, goldbrick.
phrasal verb
goof up
Slang. To harm irreparably through inept handling; make a mess:
Informal: bollix up, muck up.
Idiom: make a muck of.

w>goof up

vt sep (inf)vermasseln (inf), → vermurksen (inf)
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The girls are resourceful, caring, and courageous while still being teenagers who make mistakes, laugh too loud, get crushes, and just plain goof up.
While referring to the CBI's action to suspend and transfer some officials responsible for the goof up, he said responsibility has been fixed and action has been taken.
While goof ups can prove fatal, a successful mission can earn anywhere between `50,000 and `70,000 per packet.